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Easy grammar concepts!
Tons of vocabulary!
Practice exercises!
Dialogues to Put your learning in context!
An ‘A’ in spanish!
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Say it in español has tested materials to help you succeed in Spanish.

An easy A+ for college and high school students!

Say it in español Level 1

$45 + Shipping and handling $5.00

380 pages

$45 + Shipping and handling $5.00

300 pages

$12.99 + Shipping and handling $5.00

64 pages - Coloring Book

Spanish for Children

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Say it in español Level 1- Quick Reference

75 pages available at El Camino College Bookstore $10 or by mail add $.500 S&H.

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Say it in español Level 2

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Look Inside pdf Sample Sp is fun 2011.pdfBooks_for_Sale_files/Sample%20Sp%20is%20fun%202011.pdfBooks_for_Sale_files/Sample%20Sp%20is%20fun%202011.pdfhttp://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1

Spanish 1A E-book coming soon in Itunes!

Easy A+in Spanish Level 1A

$12.99 Basic Grammar Level with audio. Includes half of the curriculum for high school and college level 1.

Does not include the past tense.

150 pages with audio. Download it in itunes this August!

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