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                                                               Elementary Spanish 1

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español 1!

This beginning course, taught within the context of Spanish and Spanish-American culture, introduces students to listening, speaking, reading and writing elementary Spanish. Students develop pronunciation and speaking skills along with their understanding of spoken Spanish. Computer programs and audio and video tapes are available to reinforce the language skills acquired in the classroom.

Instructor:    Claudia Prada M.A., M.F.A  UCLA

Note: Approved by State Department of Education as Ethnic Studies Course.
*Note: The maximum UC credit allowed for students completing Spanish 1 and Spanish 52A and 52B is four units.
4 units; 5 hours lecture
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Credit, degree applicable 
Transfer CSU, UC*; (CAN SPAN 2; Spanish 1, 2 = CAN SPAN SEQ A)



Schedule of Assignments
Sp1 Assignments Spring 2018 Prada

Test Reviews

Each review is worth 20 points.  Please turn them in when we take the test or before in class. If the reviews are not completed your grade will droped one entire grade!

Review Test 1 

Review Test 1 ECC 18
SP1 Test 1 Answers ECC 18

Review Test 2

Review Test 2 ECC 18

SP1 Answers Review Test 2 ECC 18

Review Test 3

Review Test 3 ECC 18

SP1 Answers Review Test 3 ECC 18

Review Test 4

Review Test 4 ECC 18

Sp1 Answers Review Test 4 -18

Review Test 5

Review Test 5 ECC 18

SP1 Answers Review Test 5 – 18

Review Test 6

Review Test 6 ECC 18

SP1 Answers Review Test 6 – 18

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Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 12.06.39 PM  You-Tubes by Claudia Prada

Please check these videos before each lesson. More videos will be added to this list.

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